Despair Suicide Despair


October 25, 2009
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Well, if the director wants a vampire and you're zombie, you have no chance to get the leading role, right? Some people just aren't made for some things, and therefore for other things. Could a vampire run around with just one half of his body? Why waste blood on something that surely won't work out? Dreaming is a nice thing, it's even so nice thing that it's delirious. And in a delirium you tend to fix your view on your aim lying in front of you. Whatever happens around, happens in obscurity. And honestly, who would dare to go over a trafficked street when looking at nothing but the opposite street light with all other senses in obscurity?

And remember, even the most useless thing can be delighting, if you look at it from the right perspective. Was there ever a war waged because of something useless? Better peace guarantee than any military, this uselessness, isn't it? Read Zhuangzi, was a clever guy and wrote nice anecdotes. Or take a look at good ol' Charlie Brown, he made it 50 years this way.

Hmmmm, makes me wonder whether or not I'm supposed to create webcomics. Well, after all next week will be the first birthday of this comic. At the beginning I wasn't sure if I'd make it this far, but the first milestone will be reached and that makes me really glad.

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