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October 18, 2009
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The question whether or not there is something like fate predefining life is probably one of the oldest ones and will surely also be asked in the future. Do we have a free will? Hard to answer, would be interesting to know the answer, but: Does it really matter? As long as I don't feel like the marionette of some fate entity it doesn't really bother me. I prefer to look at this whole thing from a more practical view instead of stewing over fate or quantum mechanics or whatever to explain it. Our environment, the people bringing us up, the financial situation we're born in, the character given to us by our DNA, these are the things that decide on our decisions.

In daoism life is compared to water, I think this analogy also fits nicely in the fate question. Our life is like the flow of water slowly pouring down the hill on the path given by the rocks. But maybe you can skim the rock here a bit more and there a bit less when leaning in one direction or another one. And maybe this way you'll manage to evitate a little waterfall and bypass it. Maybe you'll end up in a beautfil lake instead of the storm drain on the road beside it. But you certainly won't be able to break through the big mountain, cross the ocean, or, flow backwards.

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