Despair Suicide Despair


November 1, 2009
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Despair Suicide Despair is 1 year old! And this means that I have reached one of the two milestones I set myself at the beginning. The first one was to reach 1 year, the second one to reach 100 strips. The first one is achieved, so I guess I'll have to head for the second one. And after that? Hmmm, no idea, we'll see.

And yes, problems happen, they happen all the time. There is no good without bad, no light without shadow, no happiness without sadness. That's how it is, so I guess we have to accept that. And sometimes we must simply try to forget about a problem and move on. There are so many problems out there waiting for us, why being stuck at one of them? That's also why the guy up there doesn't give a specific reason for his despair, in the birthday strip I wanted to be more general. Therefore he's also using all kind off different things to try killing himself. And I could finally do something I wanted to do for over half a year now: A close up of a tear with reflections on it. The green color stands of course for hope. And about the last panel: Well, it shows that sometimes we're persuading ourself to think that something is far worse than it is, and, besides it shows that this is a comic, my first webcomic.

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