Despair Suicide Despair


July 18, 2010
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Yes, I think that anarchism would be the best system. But unfortunately most people still don't know what anarchism really stands for. As soon as you mention the word, the first thing that comes to their mind is "survival of the strongest", "outlawry", "exploitation", "murder", and many other ideas, that, well, actually describe our world of today.

People say you can't advocate anarchism in a world that is already full of crimes. But this argument doesn't make any sense at all. Why in the world should current problems be a reason against an alternative system? They only thing the current problems show, is that the current system does not work. Just because the few people who profit from the present system say that anarchism is bad, this doesn't mean at all that these lies are true. The Spanish Anarchists showed that it isn't just a utopian idea, it can be a utopian reality.

Besides, calling it a utopia, something that can't be achieved, borders on the ridiculous if you consider the fact that every species except humans live in an anarchy. But hey, our system must be better because humans are superior, aren't they? We have something called an intellect, so we must be superior, right? At least that's what many people and philosophers think. But interestingly there was never before a species that fucked things up like we do. Superiority through inferiority. We sure like paradoxes, don't we?

We're good at mixing things up, but we're too stupid to understand that the solution is the mix. Life isn't just black and white. And it surely will never be entirely white, good, perfect. Therefore the whole struggle for the perfect happy life is absolutely useless. All the wars, destruction, corruption, ignorance, pollution, extinctions, diseases, famines resulting from the desire for an overly high living standard lead to nothing but a suicidal existence.

You might argue that this sick behaviour is "human nature". Well, if that's human nature then we definitely wouldn't deserve to exist. But it can't be human nature, because in that cause we wouldn't have survived that many thousands of years. The only real big flaw we have is that we're cowards, incredible pussycats. Especially in today's modern society, where our fear isn't needed that much anymore since there are no longer wolves behind every tree and food shortages every few weeks. We can't handle our fear and therefore we invent some dangers and try to secure our existence by all possible means. For example with money and power, leading to avarice and egoism. We fear to be laughed at by others, thus we become blind consumers believing every shit the media tell us.

And as soon as there is somebody promising to help us in our desperate situation we give him all the necessary power he needs to do so. And these people, be it politicians, corporate bosses or whatever, they see a possibility to feel even more fearless and they abuse their power, causing lees fear for themselves, and more for others. It's a goddamn vicious circle. And you can't escape from it except with a radical change in the system: Abolish every position of power that could be abused.

There is no one superior within the human race, nor is the human race superior to animals. Life isn't something defined by an individual. Life is an emergent system, resulting from the coexistence of billions and billions of creatures. And through self-organisation this system stays stable, because the flaws of an individual get compensated by another individual. Problems arise if somebody thinks that he's superior and thus aggrandizes his influence and power. In that case, his flaws can't be compensated any longer.

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