Despair Suicide Despair


July 11, 2010
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Death is as much part of an existence as life. Without death, you can't define life. The desire and attempt to annihilate death would therefore annihilate life too.

But unfortunately this desire always existed in the human mind. Because humans are little, frightened cowards if it comes to death. For centuries religion tries to release people from this fear by promising some fairy world after you die. For some reason we can't really accept death. Which is kinda absurd if you think about it.

The same can be observed in the discussion about euthanasia. Isn't it totally absurd that you have the right to live, but not the right to die? This view is just so insanely one-dimensional. Who gives the authorities the right to force you to live? Death is the ultimate release from pain, nobody should be deprived of it. But doing so, that is a crime.

I'm just glad humans didn't create the universe. They would probably have felt too guilty to include death. And imagine how it would look in your neighborhood if every creature that ever lived would still hop around.

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