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January 24, 2010
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I'm rather a fan of Anarchism and Daoism. And I guess most people would prefer peace over war. But the problem is that a world without evil is simply impossible. It never worked in human history and it will never work. Destruction is a part of creation.

Evil is necessary to define the good. And that's probably one of the biggest problems in this world. People don't want to experience the bad side of life, they try to fight, to control the evil. But in fact this desire to hold evil away from oneself, is one of the, if not the, largest source of evil: Egoism.

Now one could ask if this is a sane world or not. It's a world full of egoism, war, money-grubbing and so on. Probably not that good. Good and evil are always in an equilibrium, at least on a global level. But the question is just: where's how much of what? If you zoom in you'll see that the balance is quite an inbalance. One possible solution: Anarchism. No one rules, no one is supressed, exploited, smaller proportions,... back to the state of nature.

Imagine now you're an anarchist who wants freedom and peace, which he hasn't. He has to try getting it, right? But this means changing the system, causing a revolution, using violence. Isn't that against his idealogy? And here lays the problem: It's sure that the evil bastards with the armies always win, they got the damn cannons. So you would have to act against your idealogy to advocate your idealogy. Pretty annoying situation, pretty annyoing dualism again. Does the end justify the means? Maybe yes, but every action has a reaction. In the end it just continues turning. But maybe on a better orbit.

As said in the third panel it's all about the initial conditions. But after all, what is the root of evil? A certain amount of evil and egoism is always necessary. If two altruists are approaching a door and both of them stop to let the other one go first, no one will pass through the door. But when and how did violence and cruelness start to reach the insane level it has already for centuries and especially today, where it could possibily eliminate the whole world? Was there really some day in the past a guy who said: You know what, let's start to be cruel from now on. Or is it so deeply rooted in human beings that it can't be changed? Or is violence possibly a consequence of authority? Violence and authority, in German they are interestingly merged to one single word: "Gewalt".

It seems that for thousands of years we've been trying all different systems: Empires, monarchies, republics, capitalism, communism, totalitarianism, democracy, plutocracy. They all got their chance. Maybe it's time to give anarchism a chance again, living in harmony with your surroundings, spontaneous order, let it flow, like water.

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