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January 17, 2010
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During the Copenhagen summit I read some of those blogs claiming that the climate change is an invention by some greedy politicians. Their double standards were just disgusting.

They say that the government just wants to squeeze money out of them for its own profit. But at the same time they don't want to invest a penny into environmental projects because they want everything for themselves too. They want to drive with their cool sports car, fly to the most distant point on Earth and buy the most exotic food. They're interested in nothing but their own superfluous luxury.

They say that the Western governments want to build a climate dictatorship to increase their power. But for some reason it's those governments that prevented that an accord would be made. Could it be that these conspiracy theories don't make any sense at all?

They say that it's more important to help the poor countries, but it's those poor countries who'll suffer the most under a climate change.

They say that the climate change is a lie invented by politicians and scientists. And how do they proof that the scientific results are faked? By faking data by themselves and completely misinterpreting data because of their complete blindness. What they criticize is exactly what they do by themselves too.

They say that there have been far greater temperature changes in the last centuries, that may have even helped the agriculture. But due to a completely different situation, caused by a far higher population and caused by a wealth the developed countries don't want to to lose, those comparisons have no significance at all. In the past there were far less people living at the sea, there weren't 6 billion people in the need of drinking water and food, there weren't developed countries where people need 200 L per day, no giant livestock breeding or vegetable gardens. And the chaos caused by low temperatures and heavy snowfalls in the last weeks showed in a wonderwful way how desperately lost we are if our infrastructure collapses. The excessive development that made us strong, has become so huge, it starts to stagger, has become so fragile, it makes us weak.

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