Despair Suicide Despair


June 21, 2009
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After I had planned roughly the first three panels, I still didn't know exactly what to do with the last one. And then I thought that the current discussion about the censorship of websites with child pornography would fit perfectly. This procedure is just criminal.

First it is censorship. No matter what it is about, it's censorship and therefore a restriction of freedom. And who knows what sites will be blocked after the public interest has shrunk. Probably sites which are critical of the government?
But besides that it isn't useful at all. It just takes a couple of seconds to bypass the blockage.
And the important point is: the sites still exist. You don't fight child pornography, you just hide it from the standard internet user. True to the motto: What I can't see, doesn't exist. It's frightening that people with such a childish and stupid conception get the right to do politics.
Delete it and fight the people behind it, instead of hiding it. But the problem is: This would include work. Talking bullshit is easier.

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