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June 14, 2009
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For those who don't know it: The last panel is a reference to "The Lion King". Tomorrow, on June 15, it's 15 years ago that this masterpiece was first released. I just love this film. And after all, isn't remembering the carefree time of your childhood something that can make you brimful of life again?

The film also teaches something very simple, but very true. As long as there's a position of power, there's someone who'll struggle for it. Good or evil. There is always someone who wants to ascend to the throne, standing above everybody else. And exactly that is the problem. No one has the right to reign over millions of people. No one can reign over millions of people. Be it a dictator, a king or a politician. A large part of the population will always be unsatisfied. Because it's simply out of proportions. The biggest problem in today's world is that everything has gone out of proportions. Power, population, progress. At one point it will be absolutely necessary to stop the growth of the world population. But why set that point at the absolute possible peak? To avoid problems until then and get them all together? Unfortunately it seems as if China is the only country which is ready to take the risks and problems already now and prepare for a safer future.

Why this endless progress? Why not simply sit down and enjoy the moment? As a child this was also possible. You didn't need to win the jackpot to be happy. You were happy when you left your street and explored the marshes. 5 minutes away from your home. Why were you satisfied at that time? Because you lived in a smaller world. It hadn't gone out of proportions yet.

Being free of will, altruism, anarchism. These are amongst the oldest ideas that exist. But how does it come that humans are the only species that always need more, need progress, everything for themselves, need a government and laws? Lions don't have a king.

To come back to the comic strip. Isn't it kinda interesting that the weapon of Zeus, the king of the gods, is the thunderbolt? And that all this drifting out of proportions started with getting literally power: fire, electricity, coal, oil, uranium? The most fatal step was took in the last fifty years, when the amount of produced energy raised endlessly into the sky. A period of time that, compared to all history, didn't last longer than a lightning.

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