Despair Suicide Despair


December 10, 2008
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What a luck we don't have cyborg technologies to maintain half dead bodies too long alive. Would be kinda bad if suddenly your old and fragile body and mind were enriched by all the children's problems. You can't walk anymore, you can't properly eat anymore, you aren't housetrained anymore, you can't speak anymore and probably worst of all: Because your body is already much older as it is supposed to be, you can't learn all these things again. You're nothing more than a scrap heap. What a dark future. Future?

Imagine the "cyber psyche" as a kind of control center for everything that happens in your body and cybernetic modifications. Beside taking the place of the soul. I like the idea of something similar to the "ghosts" in the manga/anime "Ghost in the Shell" (I love the first two movies by Mamoru Oshii, masterpieces).

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