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AirSearch AirSearch is an audiogame. It has no graphics, only sounds.

It's a kind of shooter, but fieldbased and you can only shoot forward. There are different floor coverings so that you can hear on which field the enemy is. You have also a little stone which one you can throw and so "scan" the floor. Your weapon is pistole which must be reloaded after every shot and an explosive charge. There are five different stages, inchoate with a small, linear, and easy to a more difficult and unlinear one. So that you don't lose track there are maps which you can use. You can also download the maps with sounds and a walkthrough. If you play it the first time it is probably too hard, but with the maps and perhaps the walkthrough it should be possible. And don't forget to read the readme.

(advice: the game could be a bit exaggerated hard)

AirSearch - Download 3,5 MB
(including the source code and the maps without sound)

AirSearch walkthrough (English)
AirSearch walkthrough (German)

AirSearch maps (English) with sound - Download 3,17 MB
AirSearch maps (German) with sound - Download 3,17 MB