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Zogalyt Zogalyt is a dodge sim in which you have to avoid being hit by raindrops. The stages are created by text files. The drops will fall more or less in a formation resembling the letters and gusts of wind appear every few seconds according to the current character.

Besides this there is a scoring system including grazing, collecting point items and changing the side. The graze counter is increased by moving close to a drop. If you collect a point item you get "graze x multiplier" points and the multiplier is increased by an number which can be increased by changing the side.
After getting hit you have the chance to not lose a life by grazing at least 6 drops in 2 seconds without getting hit again.

The game has a story mode with five stages, a creation mode to play your own texts and a replay function.
It is OpenSource and licensed under the GNU GPL.

Zogalyt Download 15 MB Windows .zip

Zogalyt Download 14 MB Linux .tar.gz
      Notes for the Linux version:
      Requires the following librairies: SDL, SDL_image, SDL_mixer, SDL_ttf, Ogg Vorbis, PNG
      Doesn't run fast enough for me.

Version without dark drops:
Zogalyt 1.0.1 Download 40 KB Windows .zip