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The Brainfucked Lone Wolf is a space combat game completely written by hand in brainfuck (i.e. no translating tool or the like was used).

It's about a brainfucked lone wolf is indeed a brainfucked lone wolf because he's such a money-grubbing mercenary that he accepted to escort a rebel fleet through an asteroid belt. Flying alone in the front, shooting down the asteroids and protecting the fleet with its explosive cargo to blow up this old reigning witch.

You move around the crosshair (with w,a,s,d) fire a shot (f) or drop a bomb (h,e,v). There are three types of bombs: One clearing a horizontal line, one a vertical line and one clearing the whole screen. The asteroids move from the middle to the side and when they're out of the screen one of the 7 ships from the fleet gets destroyed. Besides the normal asteroids there are also faster ones and dangerous ones, which don't move to the side but approach your ship directly. Shoot it down or you'll experience an instant death.

The cockpit gives you information about the status of the bombs (they need some time to reload), the remaining ships and the appearance of fast or dangerous asteroids. In the latter case the light just flashes (*: on, ':off) for that specific frame.

The story consists mostly of a dialogue between you (the brainfucked lone wolf) and the commander of the fleet. The main feature of it is that it's mixed with some plot elements from fairy tales (like Little Red Riding Hood or Snow White).

For further instructions see the instructions picture

The Brainfucked Lone Wolf

The Brainfucked Lone Wolf Download 40 KB Windows (.zip)
The Brainfucked Lone Wolf Download 40 KB Linux (.tar.gz)