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Taking Over The World is a little, in brainfuck programmed textgame. It is completely written by hand without the use of any compiler or the like.

As its name implies, this game is about taking over the world. But it's not you who wants to do that, it's the insane Dr. Retipuj and you must stop him. During the conversation he asks you a few questions and if you answer them correct, mostly so that you don't insult him, he won't kill you. The answer is always a number between 0 and 255. Examples are: How old are you, how many drops of sweat do you have, how many pieces of sugar do you want,... He gives you also directions in which area the answer should be. But you will only follow them if you can easily be manipulated by the wrong person. If you survive until the end you will contest a duel in Retipuj Roulette. In his version of Russian Roulette luck hasn't such an important role. You can determine the position of the bullet but he can choose who will begin. Fortunately a revolving breech is round so you can use his tactics against him. But even if you win there's one stroke of fate you can't avoid. Altogether there are 13 questions and also 13 roman-easter-eggs you can search if you want to.

The sequel to the game is Finally Taking Over The World. It's also written in brainfuck, has similar gameplay mechanics, but is more complex.
The download contains also BIABI (BIABI is a brainfuck interpreter). The game uses this interpreter, but of course you can also use it for your own programs. It is written in C.

Taking Over The World and BIABI are both released under the terms of the GNU GPL.

example from Taking Over The World

Taking Over The World Download 34 KB Windows
Taking Over The World Download 33 KB Linux

          +++   +++++
          ++[   >+++>
           +    +
           +    +
           +    +
          + +   +
         >   +  +

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