Despair Suicide Despair


Name: Pit
Born: November 13, 1989
Location: Luxembourg

I started this webcomic on November 1, 2008 just because I suddenly thought I could finally try it. I don't quite remember how I got the idea for it, I think it was a brainwave in the bus, but I kinda liked it for a simple reason: The strict scheme of 'despair > suicide > despair' that should be followed by every strip and still the possibility of including all kinds of different ideas and characters.

As I'm writing this one year has passed and I'm very satisfied with how the comic has evolved over the time. I was one of those guys who always thought drawing would be nothing but a question of being talented or not, but to my own astonishment I must admit that it's quite interesting to see how your abilities can change by just a little practice. I'm glad that this comic gave me the possiblity to experience this evolution. And it's nice to have something where you can express your thoughts about certain topics.