Despair Suicide Despair


May 23, 2010
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The greed for money, or in this case gold, can transform humans into the most cruel beasts. But how? Is it their natural fear for survival that triggers greed as a way to assure their survival? But haven't human beings shaped and changed their surrounding world so much, that this natural fear is a little bit outdated?

We have developed weapons so that wild animals like wolves no longer pose any threat to us. It's quite the opposite, we have exterminated them in large parts of the world. So if we have used our intellect and intelligence to create things like weapons to annihilate the things justifying our fear, shouldn't we also use it to keep our fear under control and adapt it to our situation?

Instead the world has become a place full of anxious beings who think that their only possibility so survive is to get as much as possible. Money, power, weapons, everything. And people that are that easily scared are also extremely easy to manipulate. And manipulable people are something politicians adore. So, if it seems as if people might finally get rid of their superfluous fears and might risk to live their own life, it's time for politicians and fanatics to jump in and claim back their power.

Therefore they simply create some new threats, like terrorists. How many people have died in the last decade because of terrorists? It's ridiculous compared to the fear spread in the name of the war against terror. It's ridiculous compared to the number of people that have died because of falls. Or car accidents, alcohol, or suicide. So, if we really wanted to save lifes, we would abolish these goddamn stairs!

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