Despair Suicide Despair


May 2, 2010
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Everybody makes mistakes. If you want to be too much of a good guy, just helping others and never causing any mischief for anybody, you will finally end up driving yourself insane. Just take a look at Anakin Skywalker and what happened to this nice little kid, because he wanted to save everyone he loved from pain, with all his force. And if you're causing troubles for someone or annoy somebody and feel bad afterwards, it simply shows that there's still something good in you. The biggest problem is that many people still think that everybody needs to be perfect and that they immediately feel offended once you make a little mistake. They are the true problem and mischief makers.

And sometimes life might look a bit dark and oppressive. But then you might just need to push the right button, the door opens and you can step out into the brightness. Everybody gets stuck at least once in a lift/elevator. These things simply aren't built better.

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