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March 21, 2010
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Yes, the biomass of ants actually surpasses that of humans. And still it seems as if they would rather contribute to the maintenance of the natural balance, whereas humans tend to destroy it.
For me, ants are just absolutely fascinating animals. Here a few reasons why:

- Biomass surpasses that of humans
- Eusociality
- Self-organisation, emergence, superorganism, collective intelligence

- Symbiosis with other animals, like aphids
- Some species herd caterpillars (Myrmecophile), transporting them between food sources and the safe nest
- Cultivation of fungus, when certain plant material has a negative impact on the fungus they'll avoid it
- Weaver ants buid fascinating nests, can be used by humans for biological pest control

- Democratic decision when a place for a new nest is searched (for example by pheromone trails)
- Interactive teaching of younger ants
- Foraging and defence done by old workers, who are more likely to die soon (humans send young males to war)
- Resin added to the nest acts as an antibiotic agent
- Undertaking, disposal of dead ants

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