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February 13, 2010
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Losing is an as important part of the natural balane as winning. No losing, no winning. But for some reason we get told for years in school and our later life that we always have to be the winner. And what's the result? Arrogant winners who can't learn by the mistakes they make, who are incapable of losing because they never experienced it. But at some point everybody will have to lose something, or someone. And be it just the color of his hair. But wait, haven't we found already an artificial way to sweep this form of losing too from the list?

It's when children are educated that they always have to be on the winner's side, that they will think that something like eternal growth is possible. That their wealth is always going to be greater and better. Bullshit. A circle doesn't grow bigger but always arrives at the same points again. The other thing is a spiral. Take two strings, make a circle and a spiral out of it and throw them in the air. The circle will remain a circle, because you can knot it. The spiral... goodbye. A system without counterforce is incapable of staying stable.

It's the pressure to perform, result of this desire to win, that drives students all over the world crazy. Drives them into deep despair and lets them do the most irrational things. To win something you have to strive for it. But in many cases such a blind striving leads to nothing but a destruction of balance. Your inner balance, the balance of society, the balance of nature. Some things just aren't meant to happen.

This society, despising losing, is out and out unnatural, insane, noxious and damned.

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