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December 20, 2009
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Nuclear weapons too are like Pandora's box. Once opened, it can't be closed again. The weapons exist, the technology exists, the knowledge exists. This can't be wiped out and hence it's probably better that there are a few thousands nukes on this planet, spreading enough fear that no one of it has been used since the first two bombs. For over 60 years now this has been nothing but a defensive weapon. Probably the most peaceful weapon ever. Nucelar weapons are simply one of these problems that can't be solved, but have to be prevented.

I think that's the right keyword to make a comment about the outcome of the Copenhagen conference: What a disgrace. I'm partly disappointed by China but far more by the West, especially the United States. Seems as if it's more important for them to save the boni of senile bank managers so that they can afford a decent coffin in the next years, instead of saving the future generations and the developing countries fighting for their survival. I always thought slavery was already banned some time ago in the US, but what I saw here was the presentation of a black slave attached to the ball and chain of avarice.

In general I'm not a supporter of all kinds of regulations. But in a world dominated by egoism it, sadly, seems to be the only way to change people's mind. Arising awareness without arising anger. But I can't believe that there are actually people who don't want at any price to give up even the tiniest bit of their wealth, don't want to make a tiniest step backwards. Are they realizing that according to their view people never lived a decent and happy life until a few decades ago? And that in most parts of the world this would still be impossible today? How narrow can one's view possibly be? Sometimes as small step backwards may be a giant leap forward.

Of course there will also be some bastards who'll try to make money out of such regulations and the climate hype. But I see it as a kind of transition which leads to more respect and less egoism, in the hope that one day there won't be any people with enough power or money to dominate the world. That they, and their regulations, won't be needed any longer, won't be wanted any longer. The problem is just that such a transition may fail and backfire if the wrong people are steering it (cf. the Soviet Union). And this is where the regular citizens come into play, who, together, have the force to shape the path. It is possible to change human nature, they can emancipate and show, in a free world, their true behaviour. There are and were enough tribes and nations showing that living in harmony is possible.

But after Copenhagen it seems as if for the next years the dictatorship of greed and money will continue.

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