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December 6, 2009
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Don't say everything's a lie or the whole thing will lose the confidence of the people. Especially now, where it's being accepted as a big problem, the worst thing that can be done is to annoy people and scare them away with some stupid theories. There are many huge problems. Humans are responsible for most of them. Something needs to be done. People are getting sensitized and our responsibility for the environmental problems shouldn't be questioned. Or did the sunspots also cut down the rain forets, overfish the oceans, destroy coral reefs, pollute water, cause desertification, accumulate nuclear waste, cover areas with concrete, pointlessly exterminate species, cause all kinds of environmental disasters...

And about those claiming that humanity has no influence on global warming, that this is all controlled by natural factors and that we should simply continue our life: Dear ambulance drivers, next time you see one of those guys after having an accident, please tell him that for millions of years animals have died because of injuries, that you aren't responsible for the accident and let the damn liar exsanguinate.

The activity of the sun certainly has an influence but denying the, by a large majority of scientists affirmed, responsibility of humanity will just result in a lethal disrespect for our environment. Cutting down the CO2 emissions is something that can be achieved, can be influenced by everyone, can be measured and therefore is an important factor in rising awareness. The only danger that may result out of the CO2-danger-hype is that other problems are too much disregarded for the next years, so that it will be too late for those. Especially if politicians are postponing and further postponing the dates where a final decision will be taken and the reduction started. At some point, for example after the leakage of gases from melted permafrost, the climate and so the world might be completely and irreparably thrown out of joint. Tempus fugit.

And besides, something must be done. The melting of polar ice, glaciers or ocean acidification are actual problems, facts that can be hardly denied. CO2 has a high chance of being responsible for those problems, so why not trying to do something against it? Because, what else should we do? Wait? Hope? Pray? Scourge ourselves? That'd be ridiculous and a disgraceful proof for human indolence. Why take the risk of a gobal collapse? Humans don't own the Earth. We should pay it some respect, in every single aspect.

I hope Copenhagen will bring some breakthroughs in the climate problem. China announced already that they want to address the problem, made me glad to see that my hope in them was justified. The only thing that's kinda worrying me is that the US only changed their plans for the presence on the conference after those announcements. Seems as if they would still be only ready to change something, if the international pressure is high enough.

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