Despair Suicide Despair


September 27, 2009
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If you're seeing this,
you're responsable for
the despair of one of
my characters.

(this one may take a few seconds to load)
If you don't see something that looks like this, then your browser is the reason for this strip, since it is an actual SVG graphic. And yes, there is this certain extremely beloved browser that doesn't support SVGs natively. I couldn't believe it either until I tried it on my own. I also tested the strip with many other browsers which showed something that was pretty close to the original file. The differences were just minor details in the text. With some browsers or newer versions the result was even perfect.

And since it's an actual SVG you can also download the strip, open it in a special program for those, zoom in and search for some details that aren't viewable as the file is showed aboved. Or did you really think a comic like that above would need over 700 KB? Because who knows, maybe there are two strips in it. It's by the way the first time I created an SVG, so it might be that I did some things not quite perfectly. For example I did almost forget that the reader doesn't have the font and only in the last moment I thought of changing the text into simple paths. In some points raster graphics are simply easier to use. But I still enjoyed creating this strip a lot, since it was something completely different. And the absolutely insane zooming in possibilities are just awesome.

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