Despair Suicide Despair


May 31, 2009
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Well, it seems as if I could call this May the "Art of War month". And it wasn't even intentional. And of April I thought it would be a good moment to make the Vietnam strip, which one I wrote already some time ago. And well, two weeks before I drew the Art of War strip, so I decided to talk about it in the annotation and release that strip the week after.

And then came the swine flu strip, obviously written because of the ongoing events. And again it was about an enemy which one seemed to be rather unknown, or better known wrong, by people. By the way: Does the "danger" still exist? I haven't heard of it for quite some time. Or have the media simply stopped talking about because it didn't give them good enough ratings anymore?

After that we had the mafia strip. This time it was vice versa. The enemy wasn't overrated but underrated. So far underrated that our mafioso had to accept that it's even practically impossible to defeat him. And all the time he spent with cooking the spaghettis was in vain. Or is nothing in vain that at least tries to achieve something good?

And finally our good old OCD plagued hero who has to fight against three cruel enemies at the same time. A charming princess with full red slobbery lips. A soil full of brown slobbery mud. Or a red knight whom he knows nothing about. Well, to each man his own. Oh, but this also applies to Mr. Red Knight. If he had known what a crazy fool his opponent was, he would have expected such an unexpected move like jumping on the other side instead of using the weapon and wouldn't have lost against him. Sun Tzu said: If you know... well, I think meanwhile you know it.

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