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May 17, 2009
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Fleas can be a real pest.

And OK, the Spanish flu killed millions of people and the swine flu might also be dangerous if it mutates and spreads all over the world but the way the media represent it might also be slightly exaggerated and therefore not less dangerous. Fear is something you can sell extremely well and so it's evident that there must be people who want to make money out of it.

They must have been very happy about the first casualty numbers. Too bad that they were later revised, didn't sound as hazardous anymore. But the guys who must have died of happiness were surely those from the pharmaceutical industry. Isn't it nice if amidst a global financial crisis your stocks rise faster than the number of casualties?

Oh, and don't forget the good old religions. What would be fear without those? It's clear that if the name of the flu is swine flu the most dangerous species on Earth are swines, isn't it? And this makes it completely understandable that a certain government ordered to slaughter all the pigs in the country. If you ignore the fact that the virus isn't transmitted by animals. And if you ignore the fact that pigs are held by people who represent a religious minority. I wonder if some day there will be a moment where people can forget about all this religious nonsense.

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