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April 19, 2009
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It can have relatively inconvenient consequences if you mix up the different systems of measurement. The NASA had to realize this too. When their Mars Climate Orbiter tried to enter its orbit the altitude was far too low and the spacecraft got destroyed by atmospheric friction. The reason for this wrong path was that the software was working in the imperial system and used the pound force as unit, whereas the thrusters used the metric system and therefore newtons. The costs in the bill of the first panel are the actual costs of the project.

Well, that happens if you don't want to understand that an international system is meant to be used internationally. And to stay at the bill: The names of the places he destroyed are slightly changed versions of nuclear test sites. The Bikini- and Enewetak Atoll as well as Nowaja Semlja. I know, they were contaminated by bombs and not destroyed by rockets but if high degree engineers can mix up things I can do that too.

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